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Design on a Budget

HRP Interiors can assist you with decor in your existing home while still sticking to a tight budget. They use ready-made items that can be found locally or can be shipped at a reasonable price. The goal is to fill your home with beautiful things at a great value


New Home and Remodeling Construction Consultations

HRP Interiors offers a range of options to assist you in the sometimes confusing process of creating the home environment you envision. We metaphorically hold our clients' hands through the process of selecting paint, granite etc. so that the end product is cohesive and beautiful


Staging for Real Estate Listings

During the scheduled appointment, they provide the homeowner and/or agent with a consultation identifying the items that need to be moved or removed. In addition, we’ll provide a color consultation as well as provide advice as to what furniture and/or accessory items may be needed in order to further showcase the homes features.  A general list will be provided to the homeowner and/or agent, which will highlight, by room, what changes are needed (includes color consultation). If additional furniture and/or accessory items are needed, these will be outlined as well.


E-Design and Virtual Shopping lists

HRP is offering a new service to clients that would love to hire a decorator but are very budget conscious. Via email and phone we provide you with furniture layouts, paint recommendations, and shopping lists to personalize your home. This is perfect for a client who likes to DIY, but needs assistance with the overall look of their home.